Trying out the Art of Transitions using shapes and trim paths in after effects

Worked with a partner to test out Cinematic Langue

Run & Gun


Stop Motion using shadow puppets on a light table to bring the animation to life. Dragonframe was the program that allowed me to animate.

The Pale Blue Dot

The Pale Blue Dot was made as a tribute to Carl Sagan as the final project for the Animation 01 course at Ringling College of Art and Design. Created during the Fall 2017, this film was a collaborative effort by the entire Motion Design class of 2020.

Created by (in order of appearance): 
Kyle Snider // Brianna D'Amico // Kim Nguyen // Doug Alberts // Ian Grier // Tamara Marshall // Alex Miller // Jingyun Zhou // Evan Wyatt //Angelica Fernandez // Elliot Stein // Noah Selbitschka // Daniel Salaverri // Anissa Rodriguez // Zac Miller // Mitchy Morita // John Gnieski // Dan Cantelm // Kenyon Bertelsen // Emoni Poole // Lauren Cash // Samuel Kim // Stephen Moore // Ioana Oprescu // Tyler Abrams // Morgan Allison // Gizem Atalay // Sophia Holland// Skylar Martinez // Jerry Jaimes //Beatriz Lima // Keegan Strype // Jackson Dunson // Selena Joe //Hae Ri Cho //Lauren Antoine// Zach Hartman Instructor: Joe Donaldson
Music and Sound Design: Kelly Warner

Le dream is about a doll that comes to life but stops when there's no more music to keep her going. This is my frist stop motion peice.

Le Dream

The Pale Blue Dot 

(earth Flower)

The Earth flower was my contribute to the  exquisite corpse "The Pale Blue Dot" Made with by other classmates of Ringling 2020. (full video below)

Lauren Antoine

 Motion Designer

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